Why Malindi is a Must Visit

A small tropical town located on the Malindi Bay in the Kenyan Coast, Malindi is a must visit for everyone. Complimented by a line of sandy beaches on the Indian Ocean, this town serves as a perfect destination for a getaway with your loved one, your family or even your friends. As I sit here gearing up for the December holidays, this is one place I’m looking forward to visit. It has always been a tradition for me to visit Malindi whenever I can and the excitement is always the same. If you were thinking twice about visiting Malindi then let me tell you why you should have this place in your bucket list.

Malindi holds a touch of history and culture with the Swahili culture dominating in the town. If you like historic places and experiencing new cultures then you will definitely appreciate the traditions this town holds. It is also important to note that the culture has been greatly influenced by the Arabs that settled on the coastal side of Kenya. It’s history dates way back in the 1st Century AD. In 1498, Vasco da Gama discovered this place on his exploring journey and he even put up the Vasco da Gama pillar to serve as navigational aid and the pillar is now a famous historic monument. Malindi also hosts a number of Italians and after a few years of living here, Italians have also added a bit of their culture in this town.

A place rich in culture and traditions will never disappoint when it comes to delicacies. There is a ton of cultural delicacies to try out when you’re in Malindi and if it comes to swahili specialties, you will be spoilt with choices to pick from. You could find all these delicacies in local restaurants and street food vendors depending on your preference. Now let’s talk about sea food, Oh Lord! Choosing what to eat would be your hardest decision or maybe you could just go for the sea food platter and have a bit of everything. Not to forget, if you are a fan of pasta and pizza then there is a series of Italian restaurants you could enjoy a meal from and I must say that this is your destination for authentic Italian gelato! Now I’m thinking I should definitely do a blog on best places to eat in Malindi, Yeaaaahh! That one is coming up folks.

Jumping to places you could stay, Malindi is home for a number of beautiful hotels and resorts. The beach hotels in Malindi are to die for and some of them are quite affordable. It always depends on what you’re going for because if you want to go all lavish and luxurious then guess what? It’s all covered: there are so many 5 star hotels that you could choose from. And to all the air bnb lovers, don’t worry you are also sorted. You can find awesome cottages and villas next to the beach and even around the town center on air bnb and other booking sites. Places with different amenities like a full kitchen, a swimming pool, good security, proximity to the beach and the list goes on and on.

For those who like adventure then there is a list of things you could engage in including a number of water activities. Every boat ride I have taken on the beautiful ocean has been a worthwhile experience with breathtaking views of the tropical coast. The ocean holds an impeccable marine life full of beautiful corals and different amazing species that could take your breath away. The marine life in general is a wonderful creation and experiencing this other side of life is beyond words. You could get this life changing experience by getting a boat and going for snorkelling at Malindi Marine National Park. *whispers* “You will thank me later”.

My favorite ocean activity in Malindi would be going to the Sardinia Island which can also be accessed from the marine park. This island magically appears at dawn and disappears before dusk. How cool is that? In addition, the water is so blue complemented by sea urchins, star fish and other sea creatures making it a perfect spot to escape from the ordinary world. You could have barbecue on the shores of the island and writing about this makes me nostalgic. I’m definitely going to Sardinia Island this holiday and write in detail about it.

All in all, Malindi is a place so dear to my heart and whether it’s visiting my relatives or going for a vacation with my friends, I’m always digging it! You should also make it a habit to visit this place once in a while and if you’ve never been to Malindi, then you should double check your bucket list!