BLOGMAS: Call me Santa!

Jingle bells ringing all the way and as much as some of us are feeling the holiday rhythm, there are people out there who don’t really feel this holiday spirit.Well, I don’t really blame them because for some, it’s time to answer all those annoying questions SMH! When are you getting married? Did you get a new job? Si ufanye masters basi since umeacha job? Utamaliza lini shule? It’s like it never gets old. But besides that, I’m personally excited to get together with my family because the joy and memories shared are usually worthwhile.

For now, let’s talk about Christmas and the controversies it has attracted over the years and I can’t help but begin with the main G, Santa himself! The idea of making kids believe that there is a Santa Claus out there who comes and delivers gifts to all the good kids has attracted a lot of criticism with the critics arguing that it brainwashes the children. Ho!Ho!Ho! That is actually interesting. So, I really don’t know if there are people who ended up being so obsessed with Santa that it made them delusional but really, people need to take a chill pill and look on the brighter side of things. If you ask me, this actually motivates kids to behave and if it’s about lying to kids, we were all lied to growing up: remember the tooth fairy?

Another thing that has brought up propaganda is the fact that Christmas has been commercialised and the complaint is that today, it has become more of a money making scheme than “celebrating Jesus”. Some even argue that Jesus was not born on the Christmas day and that this has always been a way of making money. Well, I see nothing wrong with that because in a world full of capitalists, some people could use this opportunity to make a penny for themselves.

The Christmas tree has also attracted a ton of hatred especially from environmentalists and I also don’t support cutting down of trees but technology has made it possible to have amazing plastic Christmas trees that serve the purpose and they are even easier to decorate and move around. The tree is an essential and I would guess that the tradition started with the tree from day one because it’s never Christmas without the tree. Don’t you agree?

All I can say is that this is called the festive season for a reason. Let people celebrate and share love because that is what all this season is about. All the holiday traditions are written love all over them. From exchanging gifts to having feasts, this is a time to wind up the year with love and happiness. I personally don’t celebrate Christmas because I am a Muslim but I respect my brothers and sisters who do and I’m sending you and your families best wishes during this festive season. Let’s all love one another!

PS: All photos were taken at Capital Centre and the Christmas Decor and design was done by Sasire Designs

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Habeebaty says:

    Happy holidays! ❤


  2. Habiba Bien says:

    The obnoxious questions! LOL ‘When are you getting married’ takes the cup!


    1. Haha! And it was still the most asked question

      Liked by 1 person

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