Malindi’s Magical Island: Sardinia Due (2)

Hey there guys! Welcome to the first edition of Incredible Islands with the Island G and let me tell you all you need to know about Malindi’s gem: Sardinia Duo. Hands down this island is so breathtaking you can call it tropical heaven. It is called Sardinia Duo because it is being compared to an island in Italy also named Sardinia which is also said to be magical (goes on the bucket list)….. Random thought; Maybe this island was discovered by an Italian. Comment below what you think.

This island is easily accessible once you’re in Malindi. You could get a boat from Malindi Marine National Park and since I’m a ‘local’ it was easy for me with the help of my relatives who actually live here to access a boat and our ride for the day was named ‘Perla’. But if you don’t want the hustle of finding a boat, you could always organize with travel and tour companies that will take care of it all.

Two tips before we go on: 1. Make sure you carry your Identity Card if you are a citizen because the marine park fee is a bit less for a citizen or resident. The entire trip will cost you between Ksh.2500 to Ksh.3500 ($25 – $35) depending on the package you pick. 2. It’s always best if you go really early because the tides are usually unpredictable and you could miss the island since it sinks as the sun is going down.

We left with Perla around 11:00 am and made a stopover at the marine park to do a little bit of mingling with the undersea world. The marine life is so breathtaking and it’s always a great time swimming with the fish and admiring the corals and sea plantations. Too bad I didn’t have a water proof camera. After our transit, it was time to head to our destination and the journey there was amazing. It took us around half an hour to get to Sardinia Island and it was a great time for me and my friends to catch up and share some laughter.

We parked our boat at Jacaranda Beach and the captain put on his chef hat and started grilling some sea food. Grilling sea food on the beach was the highlight of this trip. Talk about an ultimate island excursion! We had our lunch at the boat. Some rice, coconut stew, lobsters, fish and prawns. I’m drooling as I type this. By the way this is all included in the price I mentioned above.

Then we had a walk on Jacaranda Beach and this beach is one of my faves. The ambience and vibe is cool you would definitely want to spend the whole day here. There are few beach restaurants and lounges that you could relax in and have an ice cold drink. You could also get some souvenir from the beach boys selling some amazing artistic crafts.

Crystal blue waters complimented by a white sandy beach is what would best describe Sardinia Island. The water is so clear accompanied by small waves making their way to the shores. You could take a swim under the sun and enjoy the stunning ocean views around. Spending a day here is a dreamy experience you would never regret. I managed to experience this with my friends who have never been here and it was just perfect. This was a great way to kick off 2019.

In between all this, it was hard not to notice this boy who was helping the captain. I would say I like the ocean more than an average person but this boy is truly in love with the ocean. At a very young age, he has managed to learn a few tricks of the sea and even took me on a tour with a small traditional fisherman dhow. This young boy taught me true passion has no boundaries.

Sardinia Island is always worth a visit and spending a day in this magical island would be perfectly described as a worthwhile adventure.