Kenya needs Peace; Let’s all unite

How do we explain to the children that everything is going to be okay and we hope for a peaceful Kenya? Just like old times! This is not the first terror attack in our country but no one could ever get used to this because it always hits hard. We are here wondering what exactly is going on and how whoever is in charge of peace in our nation is coping with all this. The media is confused and denied freedom of sharing detailed information. The exact number of people who died in the incident has not been released. Everyone has diverted their attention to Nairobi’s governor Mike Sonko’s weapon yet there is a real issue concerning life and death that needs to be dealt with ASAP!

And in between all this, Hamida, a university student in Nairobi has locked herself in her hostel room after her school mates attacked her and started calling her names like Al-shabab immediately there was the terror attack at Dusit D2 Nairobi. She feels scared and alone and all she can do is cover her face with tears. Seriously? Hamida is shocked by the attack just like you and I. There’s nothing she can do about it because she is not involved with any of this. It hurts to hear that a young girl is facing all this just because of her ethnicity or religion. So the question I want to ask you all today, Is this really the time to start attacking each other and stereotyping one another? Because there are so many other people like Hamida going through the same.

At a moment when our country is going through a hard time, this is the last thing we need. Stereotyping someone just because they belong to a certain community or religion is very wrong. Calling someone names out of no where just because she has a head scarf? Do you think that makes you a better person?This is the time we need to come together as a nation and fight this evil that wants to destroy us. We should put all our differences aside and try to be strong by standing together united!

I will give you a personal experience that really got me pissed. Just the other day I was walking on the beach in Watamu and I come across a boat with a Kenyan flag on it so I pull out my camera to take a photo(the photo above) Then this guy comes out of no where and goes like, “Why are you taking photos of us? I don’t like that…” so I apologise to him and I explain that the boat is what attracted me. Then he goes on with his ranting and says that I want to sell his photo to Al-shabab and that’s when I lost it and snapped on him. There was no way he was going to generalise me like that. I’m sorry to say but I found him so primitive. In the end he apologised and I tried to explain to him that this country belongs to all of us and generalising people is wrong. I hope he took the lesson home.

One thing people should understand is that Islam does not support any kind of terror. The word Islam itself means peace and our religion propagates nothing but peace. I don’t know how and when Islam started being associated with terrorism but this whole ‘jihad’ concept has been completely misused and used to mislead others into believing that Islam propagates terrorism. I would like to highlight the fact that one of Prophet Muhammad’s strongest life motto was forgiveness. He used to forgive people who would do the nastiest things to him so those who resort to all this terror as a form of ‘revenge’ are just cowards working with the devil.

Another thing is that Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said that the major jihad is ‘Jihad-u-nafs’ (fighting with one self). And what does this mean? This means struggling with yourself to stay away from evil deeds. The ability to control your temptations and purging all devil ideas from one’s soul. So to you people who think causing terror is a way of proving a point then I would say you should all resort to fighting with your souls against this evil that is haunting you. A number of innocent lives have been lost and I wonder how people who are responsible for this live with themselves.

It is sad to think that the world has come to such an extent and I sit here and wonder what really happened to humanity? This is a hard time for our country so let’s try and come together to support each other. People have lost their loved ones (may they RIP) and I just pray that their friends and family manage to get through this. Going on social media and attacking each other based on our religions and differences wont help us. Instead it’s taking us a couple of step backwards and that’s exactly what the enemy wants to see. And we don’t want the enemy to win, do we? Let’s all unite and pray for a peaceful Kenya!

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