Lunching by the Beach- Watamu Beach Restaurants

January blues were calling for the ocean so I had to go spend a day or two in Watamu and come up with a plan for my 2019. A village next to the beach infused with deep culture and home for a number of tourists, Watamu is your destination for a number of amazing restaurants with beach restaurants giving you the ultimate Island experience.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Watamu which started with watching the sunrise at the beach. By the way did I tell you why Watamu is special to me? As a kid, this was our holiday destination and it would be a family reunion where the whole family would come together at my grandfather’s house in Watamu. For the past few years, we’ve tried to have these reunions which turned out to be a series of beautiful memories. Before I get all emo due to this nostalgia kicking in, let’s dive into the beach lunch which I’m excited to tell you about.

Willy Beach Restaurant

I headed to Watamu beach with my cousin and this beach is home for a number of nice beach restaurants. I directly went to Willy Restaurant ready to kick off my lunch with some starters. I have to mention that the people of Watamu are very friendly and welcoming so it was no surprise when Willy and his staff welcomed me so well. The restaurant is owned by a guy named Jafar famously known as Willy. Willy is a local in Watamu with a passion of serving the community. He chose to start a restaurant because I mean, what better way of putting a smile on people’s faces if not through food?

I had some fresh spicy tuna with fries as the starter. The tuna was a perfect way to excite my taste buds since it was marinated to perfection. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside: that’s how you know fish has been fried well. If you know me, then you know I have a strong relationship with fries for as long as I can remember. Hit the like button if you think the person who invented fries was genius and if you think fries are life changing, drop a comment and tell me why. Admiring the ocean view before me as I eat this good food, Willy Restaurant made me feel like a true Island Guru.

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Coconut Beach Restaurant

I then walked over to Coconut Beach Restaurant for the main course. Even before I could settle down I was excited to meet the manager who says he goes by the name G and I was like I’m the OG, Haha!Coconut Beach Restaurant is more than just a beach restaurant spicing it up by hosting beach parties and entertainment nights which have attracted famous East African Celebrities to come and give the people of Watamu a taste of their tunes. They have hosted famous musicians like Tanzania’s Rich Mavoko.

Back to my lunch, I chose to have prawns pasta and as much as I’m not a pasta fan I did not regret my decision. It was made with the right amount of ingredients including love and every bite I took made me look forward for the next one. I accompanied my meal with fresh pineapple juice which was worth every sip.

Fun fact: Coconut Beach Restaurant make their juice from fresh organic fruits as you make your order.

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This beach restaurant also has a travel and tour agent, In Kenya Con Alessandro, that offers a wide range of safaris and sea excursions. They have their own tour cars and boats to give you the best adventure. You could enjoy your lunch as you plan for holiday activities that you’re interested in.

Savoury feels on my taste buds, ocean views and some sea breeze, this was one good lunch followed by a walk on the beach then a second time visit to Mida Creek. Stay tuned for my Mida adventures coming soon on Incredible Islands with the Island G. For now, I’m wishing you all a happy weekend. Remember to enjoy responsibly and always be your fellow’s keeper… have a good one Gs!

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  1. Khaaeruw sheikh says:

    Ajaabbb. Good job dear… All the best n waiting for more


    1. Thankyou so much! More and more is coming your way…


  2. Abdalla badawy says:

    Thank you for the information


    1. You are welcome anytime! Thanks for reading 🙂 Good day


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