Why Watamu is Wonderful

Defined by it’s natural, calm and peaceful nature Watamu is a small coastal village located on the Northern Coast a few kilometres before Malindi Town. Watamu has managed to maintain it’s nature and remains one of Coast’s undeveloped areas. Habitat for an impeccable marine and coral life, Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve has been named one of the best in Africa. Watamu should be your next stop for a worthwhile holiday and I will tell you why.

A place rich in culture with a touch of history, Watamu is home for a unique Swahili experience. The people of Watamu are very welcoming and sometimes they get too nice and accommodating it could bug you. It is important to note that the culture has also been influenced by a few Italians who have managed to settle in this village. If you love food then this place would be perfect for you because Watamu serves you the best of Swahili cuisine whether in a hotel or a local joint. With all the coconut and spice infusions and not to forget a number of Italian restaurants, Watamu will bring you to a food bonanza. Check out my previous blog on my lunch adventures by the beach in Watamu.

Amazing sandy beaches and views for days is how I would describe this little haven of peace and tranquillity. If you are one who adores adventure then be ready to be amazed by a number of excursions you could engage in. From snorkelling to kite surfing to deep sea fishing, there is plenty of sea activities you could do and guess what? If you’re lucky enough, you could even bump into some whales and dolphins along the way. Watamu is also home for a number of beautiful hotels and villas that are ready to give you a nice stay when visiting this beautiful town.

If you’re a fan of fine art then you will undoubtedly be left astonished by the wonderful art these people are blessed with. You will casually find people painting and making crafts which serve as good souvenirs to take back home. I am always amazed by the stunning pieces these people create and I’m not even an art fanatic.

A place rich in culture and art complimented by beautiful sandy beaches and a breathtaking marine life, Watamu is without doubt a perfect holiday destination you should have in mind. 9

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  1. Khaaeruw sheikh says:

    Proud of u darling… Good work little bro

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    1. Thankyou my darling sis!

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    1. Thanks to my biggest supporter. Much appreciated

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      1. Habeebaty says:

        You’re welcome Bro. ❤

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  2. Muni says:

    What a nice read! keep it up!!!

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    1. Thank you Muni.. Keep an eye for more posts.

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