Mida Creek Adventures

A tidal creek stretching inland from the sea into Arabuko Sokoke Forest, a local describes it to me as mlango wa bahari (a sea door). Filled with productive mangroves, corals and a bed of sea grass, this 32 square kilometre creek is habitat to a number of fish species, feeding turtles and most importantly a wide variety of birds making it an important bird watching spot. Mida Creek serves as a stopover point for many migrating birds from different places in the continent and together with Arabuko Sokoke Forest they form a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Mida Creek is a life haven not only home to a number of different species but also an adventure destination. I visited Mida creek and it was so rich in beauty I had to go the second time. Let me share with you the beauty of this creek through my eyes and camera of course!

The Board Walk

Hands down this was my favourite activity to do at Mida Creek. It was a blend of adrenaline rush and trembling holding on to my life as if I was crossing a bridge of life and death. This walk scared my heart off and the surprise element was when I walked into this situation not knowing what was in store for me. When the tour guide mentioned a bridge through the mangroves that led to a bird watching spot, I was obviously down for that only to realise the journey was going to be a sweaty one.

The first time I visited Mida Creek was on the 1st of Jan 2019 after the Sardenia tour. It was the day the site was open for all the members of the community to visit and it was the wrong day for first timers like us. We met with over 100 people also crossing the bridge (I’m not even kidding). As much as most of them were courteous enough to let us go first and also giving us assurance that we will not fall, they couldn’t stop laughing at us. We were out here holding on to the ropes as if our lives depended on them making each step carefully.

Towards the end of the journey, I realised that as much as the bridge was shaky with the ropes being the only thing to give you support, it was not easy to fall off. Before I scare you from doing this, it was one worthwhile adventure I had to go again and do it one more time. Not to forget the view on the bird watching spot was worth the journey. The second time I went, it was more peaceful and with no distraction, I got to appreciate the walk between the mangroves complimented by beautiful birds flying around whispering.

Canoe Ride

After all the adrenaline rush we had, we needed something to calm us down and the canoe ride gave us all the peaceful feels. Making way through the mangroves, different species of birds flying and whispering rhythms as if they were talking to the waves and the sun setting as it slowly disappeared through the mangroves.

We sailed our way to one of the other small islands which was full of mangroves. This was a heavenly ride appreciating nature and it’s different shades of beauty.

Things to Note about Mida Creek

  1. The whole excursion costs around 600 per person. The board walk is Ksh. 100/- per head, Tour guide Ksh. 800/- and the canoe ride was 1000/- for the ride. If you go with a group of people you can always cost share.
  2. It is best to go in the early evening like 4:00 pm so that you get enough time to do the board walk and the sunset canoe ride
  3. The more the merrier. It is much more fun to go as a group because you will not only share the costs but it is also more adventurous to do the board walk as a group.
  4. The creek has 3 small islands two of them being occupied by people who have made homes.
  5. The mangroves are a habitat for various species because there’s a lot to feed on around here.
  6. This is a community project aimed at benefiting the community through tourism and activities like fishing.
  7. Mida creek is off the Malindi Mombasa highway and easily accessible with a personal car.

More photos of Mida Creek

Handmade bead ornaments made and sold by the locals
Mangrove nursery planted to make sure the mangroves never phase off
A member of the community enjoying a walk on the board bridge
The Mida board walk
Bird watching spot
Mangrove plantation on the other small island

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  1. Jundulah Zacky says:

    Beautiful photos mashaalah


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  2. Habiba Bien says:

    Photos 😍😍😍


    1. Thanks for the love!! Much appreciated

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