Why I love Mombasa

A tropical city that hosts an island and happens to be the second biggest city in Kenya and my home, Mombasa is so close to my heart. Born and raised in the island, I think it’s fair to say I know the city so well to be in love with it and here are a few reasons why.

A jumble of culture and traditions, Mombasa today is a blend of people from different ethnic groups. Greatly influenced by the Swahili Culture which was born by the Bantu and the Arabs that settled many years ago Mombasa has a great history which includes trade, inter marriage and territorial war but we’ll talk about history later, let’s get into the Mombasa today.

I love how the Modern Mombasa has evolved to come up with it’s own unique culture which consists of inherited traditions and a touch of modernisation. As much as culture is an important element that holds the people of Mombasa together, they have also stepped out of their shells into the modern world and advanced in terms of their business expansion and interaction. Mombasa is growing and it’s already proving that the future looks promising.

If you’ve heard anything about Mombasa then you must know that good food defines this city. From snacks to cuisines and extra ordinary desserts, I have grown up to appreciate the amazing food available in my hometown. Street food in Mombasa is a string of different choices and if we’re talking restaurants it all comes down to your preference. We have places with exquisite barbecue, signature Swahili cuisines flavoured with coconut and spices, amazing Asian and European restaurants and the list goes on and on.

View of The English Point Marina- Mombasa

An island that is connected to the mainland through bridges and ferries, Mombasa has amazing beaches with an active beach life making it a popular holiday destination. With a list of hotels including spectacular beach hotels, Mombasa has hosted tourists from different parts of the world and tourism has been a great deal since day one.

A city rich in history blended with a tropical mood, Mombasa is such a vibe and I adore everything about it. Good people, nice food, beautiful beaches topped with tradition and a chilled culture, who does not love Kenya’s Coastal pride? I would travel the whole world but I’m sure no where would feel like home. The say home is where the heart is and yes you guessed right, Mombasa has my heart!

The light house in Mombasa located on Mama Ngina Drive
Mombasa’s famous market commonly known as marikiti
Famous Tusks of Mombasa on Moi Avenue

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