Breakfast in Mombasa

You know what they say, ‘Eat breakfast like a king’ and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Some would say breakfast is an essential and there are a couple of reasons why. Apart from serving as a good energy boost, it is also a good catalyst for your metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day. Interesting right? We could go on and on and talk about the importance of breakfast but today I’m sharing with you awesome breakfast spots in Mombasa. Every time I am in my home city, I like to have different kinds of breakfast and here are my favorite places to have my first meal of the day.

Mike Cafe

This is my all time favourite place to have breakfast. They have the best snacks and the good thing about Mike cafe is that they open throughout the day. Apart from serving good food, they also offer good service and always trying to give you their best. It is located in Ganjoni opposite Valentine Primary School. It is close to Sabaki Motors. I always enjoy their viazi karai (fried potatoes) which goes well with their tangy sauces like chutney, chilli and tamarind sauce (ukwaju). Mike Cafe is my go to spot and it’s never a disappointment.

Street Breakfast

Now this is not a specific spot but it’s what I would call a breakfast adventure. The street food scene in Mombasa is an orchestra of food options that will leave you in a dilemma on what to choose and breakfast is not an exception.

From a lady who will be up and ready to serve you mahamri na mbaazi as early as 6.00 am to the old man offering you options like mitai and mkate wa sinia. I would usually hop from one place to another to get different options and this is usually my favourite part when it comes to street breakfast. For good choices of street breakfasts, I would suggest streets in Bondeni, Majengo, Stadium areas, Mwembe Tayari and Old Town.

Regal Corner

This is another good spot to grab some good breakfast. It is a small cafe located inside Diamond Jubilee hall a.k.a Aga Khan Jubilee Hall- Mombasa. If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful to have a nice breakfast meal then this is the perfect place. There’s this calm ambience on the veranda side of the restaurant where you can enjoy some serene mood and feast on your breakfast.


Serving you some good Italian inspired coffee and the best French breads and pastries, Cafeserrie is usually my pick when I want to have an authentic European breakfast in Mombasa. They have a wide menu and this time I visited, I decided to go with the English Breakfast and trust me I did not regret it. Cafeserrie has a good set up good for a coffee date, family dine or even an official meeting. The ambience around is to die for and the staff are so welcoming and always ready to attend to you. It is located in City Mall, Nyali..

Mahamri na Mbaazi

I just had to end this blog with this signature breakfast meal. Now if you know anything about breakfast in Mombasa, then this is the go to breakfast when in the city. Mbaazi is made from pigeon peas which are cooked with coconut milk and mahamri is a swahili kind of pastry mostly kneaded with coconut milk. It is a simple combo but everyone’s favorite and I would totally recommend you to have this when you’re in Mombasa. Find that ‘mahamri na mbaazi’ vendor you see on the streets or a local cafe and get yourself a delicacy you will definitely love.

Courtesy of Remmy’s Kitchen Hub

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If you’ve been wondering where to grab some good break fast in Mombasa, I hope I helped you out. There are so many other places you could get a nice breakfast so you can also explore some other cafes downtown. These places are my faves and I will share my other go to places in future. For now, have a lovely day and a fruitful week Gs.

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  1. Yummmmmm!!! Everything sounds and looks so delicious!


    1. It is yummyyy and delicious… you should try these places out!


  2. Khaaeruw sheikh says:

    MashaaAllah tabarakallah funny am in Ganjoni n don’t know about the mike cafe…thank u loads darling


    1. Well now you do!! Thankyou so much sis


  3. Habiba Bien says:

    This post has triggered all sorts of cravings! *licks screen* Thanks for the foodie leads. Much appreciated!


    1. You’re welcome dear.. and thank you for the Love!


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