Robinson’s Box of Treasure: Robinson Crusoe

You’ve definitely seen oceans and stars and maybe average beauty won’t thrill your bones but you could steal a glance towards his territories: a tremble of waves that resembles ancient bells will surely craft an instant belief that you have approached pure bliss. This is Robinson Island guys.

This little haven located a few kilometers North of Malindi is a good escape into nature and peace. Oh! Plus amazing sea food.

Robinson Island Sanctuary is a little island accessorized with the beautiful blue ocean and mangroves. The beginning of the island experience would be the little crabs crawling around claiming territory as you hop on to the canoe to go to the Robinson Island Crusoe Restaurant. The canoe ride is a great experience with birds flying around and the boatman entertaining you with some local tunes.

The Restaurant: Robinson Crusoe Island

The restaurant brings out a traditional tropical ambience with the style they have created. Built with natural materials like mangroves and makuti. The restaurant is an open space complemented with comfortable furniture that represents the authentic African Bantu style. In short it is a great way to enjoy your sea food lunch as you appreciate the local lifestyle and enjoy the sound of waves singing melancholy with the sea breeze. The service is incredible and Mr. Hassan Bien, the owner, is always jovial and happy to host.

If you’re a fan of sea food then this place will be heaven for you. They serve fresh sea food with options like grilled fish, prawns, lobsters and of course their signature: the crab! This is served with local Swahili side dishes like wali wa nazi (Coconut Rice) with some coconut curry. YUMMYY! To wind up this delish meal, they serve you their customary traditional coffee or tea with some fruits and if you ask me, this is the perfect way to end a heavy tropical lunch.

Art is normally created, given life to but Robinson refuses the norm and paints itself with natural ambiences and colors, even the sun shines in style out here. See islands are beautiful but when you think of Robinson, add some spice into it.

A sea food haven with a local traditional ambience, Robinson Crusoe will give you all the authentic tropical feels. This is a great place to have some great lunch and appreciate the local lifestyle. I’m so in love with this place I would love to call it home or maybe it’s the traditional feel that gives me that peace and sense of belonging.

Things to Note

  • The restaurant only opens for lunch.
  • You need to make prior reservations before going. You can call Mr. Hassan on +254722 559095/+254729 326730
  • The restaurant mainly offers sea food options.
  • Carry your identification documents in case you meet up with a police check.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Habiba Bien says:

    Amazing piece! Finally got to read it all. I can’t wait to go next and blog about it too. Very well articulated. Shared!!! Also, thanks on Hassan’s behalf. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankyou Byba! And I can’t wait to see your blog about it… Pass my regards to Mr. Hassan. It was my pleasure


  3. Abdallah Simon Mwayeya says:

    Uncle Hassan…I can still smell that amazing food. The taste…wow. And not forgetting the great company. I’m looking forward to my next visit…

    Liked by 1 person

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