Lavish and Luxe: Fashion High Tea 2019

It’s mid week and I’m here still recovering from the fashion fusion that went down last weekend. The hottest fashion event in Nairobi happened and Fashion High Tea 2019 was nothing but all lavish and glamour. After so many years of stalking and dreaming of this event, I finally had a chance to be part of this gracious scenario and I can confirm that it is ‘the most anticipated fashion event in Nairobi’.

Photo by Dan Kiptoo @99thsense

Fashion High Tea is an annual high fashion event hosted by Zen Garden to celebrate the fashion industry in Kenya. Zen Garden lives up to its name and brings together the zen in a fashion scene that is graced by the popular stylish personas in the city. Now I understand all the fashion hype that goes on in Nairobi every February.

Ruena Kiarie feeling her style

I mean if we are going to talk about the most anticipated fashion event in Nairobi then we have to talk about the fashion situation that was going on.

I was so digging Silvia Njoki’s look

Everyone was not joking when it came to style and people were dressed to kill I was cringing every time I looked at my outfit. But you know what? I was already too excited just to appreciate the fashion vibe around me and trust me it felt like fashion paradise.

It’s time to get into the menu and Zen garden did not disappoint with the food options they offered us. There was amazing snacks and I don’t even want to think about the dessert spread: it gave me Parisian vibes I’m intoxicated with nostalgia as I type this.

The cocktail corner looked like it was pulled out of pintrest and it was open to serve throughout the event.

The fashion show was such a highlight with the models owning the runway and with all the New York Fashion Week FOMO, this was like therapy. The runway featured amazing designers who showcased stunning pieces. I was impressed with the Kenyan fashion industry and its level of creativity. I got so hooked I put my camera aside. LOL!

Imagine walking into a garden illuminating a great ambience and full of stylish people. It felt like a scene from a Vogue movie that I did not want to end. Fashion High Tea was everything and more than what I imagined and the cherry on top is that it is a charity event that is meant to give back to the community. As I wind up the blog, I’m already gearing up for next year’s Fashion High Tea.

The Boutique

The boutique featured different fashion movements that give back their profits to the community.

More Food Photos

Photo by Dan Kiptoo

The Vibe

Photo by Dan Kiptoo @99thsense
It was exciting meeting the lovely Anita Nderu

PS: It always felt like I was in a lavish dream and I wanted to take a photo of everything to share it with you but you know I had to mingle too. Oh! And thank you Dan Kiptoo for capturing those photos of me. Check out his instagram 

And I find it necessary to honor Karl Lagerfield on this blog. The creative director for Chanel and Fendi passed away yesterday. Karl was an OG and the fashion industry has lost a legend. Karl’s legacy is going to live forever. RIP Karl.

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  1. Habeebaty says:

    I loved this tea. It was fashionable! 😏(Such a bad pun, excuse me while I go jump)

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    1. Hahaha.. that’s actually a good one!

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  2. manal abdul says:

    Nice nice vlog Mashaallah mAshallah….love it

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    1. Thankyou so much Manal

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  4. Habiba Bien says:

    Fabulous post! Absolutely stunning! Reading this gave me mad FOMO!

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    1. Thankyou so much Byba 😄😄

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