Lamu’s pearl of Tranquil: Shela Coast

Hello Gs! It’s been a long minute and the break seemed like a decade but here we are and let me confess, I have actually missed blogging and sharing content with you guys. Now I feel like I have to officially welcome you back to The Island Guru and it is yet another time to get a glimpse of another Incredible Island with yours truly.

The Kenyan Coast is home to a number of tropical treasures and this little island located on the South Eastern corner of the Lamu Archipelago of Kenya is no exception. Shela Island displays it self in such a tranquil manner which will give you serene sensations and it is only fair to describe it as a tropical paradise. A perfect place to unwind, relax and have an affair with beach as you enjoy the sea breeze and killer ocean views.

A place that has restored and protected their culture and history, this island is one of the few places in Kenya that has not transformed culturally. An island with no roads but only narrow walkways and sometimes you would bump into donkeys who have dominated the transport sector on this coast. Well now you can be sure that the life scenario on this end is quite different. Culture, traditions and religion are the main fundamentals of the locals of Shela and having a personal touch with this tropical sensation, I can say that the people of Shela are very welcoming and full of life. One thing I admire about this place is the level of simplicity this people have. They live a very simple island life and find joys in the most little of things.

Shela Island is today a prestigious holiday destination that has been graced by tourists from different parts of the world including the elite travelers. This island hosts beautiful beach hotels and vacation homes that could serve as perfect accommodation for a getaway on the coast. It is opposite Manda Island which hosts an air strip and other amazing hotels and rentals which get on demand during peak seasons.

The Hanley House

The last time I went to Shela (almost one and a half years ago), I stayed at Hanley House which is owned by an English producer who set it up to perfection. The villa is built in a fort like manner giving you castle vibes. It has ample space, balconies, sitting lounges overlooking the beach and it has 5 bedrooms (including a honeymoon suite) which could accommodate 10+ people. The house is located on a hill and surrounded by the amazing dunes making it a perfect spot to sit and admire the ocean and beach views. I really enjoyed my stay at Hanley House because the staff was amazing and efficient, the beach was easily accessible and to top it off, the house comes with boats that you could fuel and use.

A little tropical haven serving you the perfect escape from reality, Shela is one place I need to visit more often. Once in a while, everyone deserves a tranquil moment away from everything else and this island gives you just that.

Now I’m here dripping nostalgia as I wind up this blog. I hope I managed to give you a feel of Lamu’s pearl of tranquil. We are now heading to another season and the Island Guru will be sharing city experiences in Nairobi. I can’t wait to share with you all about Nairobi on my point of view and you better be ready for the islander to wander in the city. Drop a comment and tell me what you want me to share about my city experiences. For now, have a lovely week ahead Gs!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. manal abdul says:

    Mashaallah mashaallah lovely view in shella very intresting and the place is awsome….


  2. Jundulah Zacky says:

    Beautiful photos. The place looks aweaome I wish I could visit the place soon to unwind. Memories of of home Ushagoo


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