Nairobi Sunday Plan: K1 Flea Market

I have lived in Nairobi for 5 years now and one thing I can say about Nairobians is that they love to have a good time and Sundays are no exception. My Sundays in Nairobi got better when I discovered the flea market that happens every Sunday at K1 club house. K1 is located in Parklands on Ojijo Road and if you are looking for something different other than the basic lazy Sunday, then this is where you belong my friend. Oh and I have nothing against lazy Sundays, we all need those once in a while.

In case you are wondering what this flea market is all about, that’s when I come in and don’t you worry because I’m going to fill you in on what this plan entails. Picture sitting in the outdoors under colourful umbrellas with friends or your squad enjoying a cocktail while chatting as music is playing in the background. Even conversations tend to get more delightful on this other side. In case you got carried away, Yes! I’m still talking about Nairobi.

And once you wrap that up, you could walk around and shop from the awesome vendors selling different kinds of stuff including food stuff, clothes, beauty products, home decor and the list goes on and on. Before we go on, let’s applaud all the entrepreneurs trying to make it out here and the klub house for doing a great thing by giving the locals a platform to promote their businesses.

Before you ask me about the food, let me just tell you that there is a vast menu offering amazing delicacies. From the local nyama choma to pizza and hotdogs, you name it! You could plan on having brunch and later on engage in the afternoon or you could engage and later on have an early dinner as you enjoy the band that starts playing at dusk. It’s all up to you. Every time is eating time any way.

Did I mention that there is also a number of games to play? Well, you could enjoy a few games like pool table, foosball and even jenga to mention but a few. To top it all off, the place is kid friendly with a couple of kid activities to do. So parents, don’t worry about finding a nanny.

I think it is now safe to say I have given you a feel of the flea market and next time you’re in Nairobi looking for a Sunday plan, you might want to drop by and experience the flea market.

If you ask me, I say the best Sundays should be made of good times with great people. A colourful outdoor space filled with good food, laughter and great music is a perfect combo that the flea market serves us every Sunday.

Exciting Things To Note

  1. The flea market is only open on Sundays.
  2. It is kids friendly.
  3. The happy hour lasts almost the whole day.
  4. There is no entrance fee.
  5. There is a sports house called the round house that you could enjoy your games.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Habiba Bien says:

    Great post. I’ll definitely come to K1 when I’m in Nai. I keep procrastinating cant believe I’ve never been there. The umbrella setting is everything 😍 Dubai vibes.. almost like Nextgen’s. Great pics as always.


    1. Thank you so much Byba.. You should definitely visit the flea market you are going to love it. And I have to agree with you on the umbrellas… they are everything! Thanks again for always dropping love.. Much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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