Safari in Nairobi City

The capital city of Kenya is popular for its busy mood and so many other things but in between all this lies a nature nest complimented with a savanna that paints Nairobi with ecstatic beauty. Out of the many hidden gems in the city, I would say this is like the icing on the cake no wonder it is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Nairobi National Park is one of the few parks very close to the city center and what other way would I describe this reserve other than a perfect escape from the city lifestyle. And take it from me, the city life can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

The park is located 7km from the CBD making it easily accessible from all parts of Nairobi. It has both wet and dry ecosystems with the savanna dominating most of the game park. This park shelters a diverse wildlife with different animal species including buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, cheetah and even the endangered black rhino and the lion. It is also a habitat to a number of permanent and migratory birds. With that said, you bet a safari in Nairobi National Park is a worthwhile adventure.

I’m not about to bombard you with lots of information and give you a breakdown of the history, the geographical background and all that complex stuff but how about I just give you a few pointers that will give you a little knowledge about this special game park.


  • The park covers an area of 117 km2 so it is fairly small.
  • It is one of the successful rhinoceros sanctuaries in Kenya.
  • There are no elephants in the park but the other big four are present.
  • The park has a rich vegetation making it a great wildlife habitat.
  • The reserve is bordered by an electric fence and Mbagathi river.
  • It’s nearness to the city has caused human and wildlife conflict but the Kenya Wildlife Service have keen measures to take care of this.
  • There is an animal orphanage and a nature trail next to the park that you could take a walk and appreciate nature.
  • Hotels and camping sites are available in the park so you could spend a night if you wish.


The park has picnic sites that you could sit and have some lunch as you enjoy the killer views of the wild. You might want to carry some food or snacks because it’s never a picnic without some munchies. And if you know me, then I take my picnic food so seriously. Barbecue lovers could also enjoy a nice grill session in the wild.

The Ivory Burning Site Monument

This tradition was initiated by former President of Kenya, Daniel Moi, who burned tons of poached ivory in 1989. It has been practiced by the presidents since then as a way of discouraging poaching which was threatening the wildlife almost to extinction. The monument has become popular and one of the tourist attractions in the National Park.

My Experiences

Well, the park can be accessed with a personal car (preferably a four wheel) or you could rent out a safari tour car with a game ranger who will take you around. I had the chance to do both options just for the experience and as much as going with the personal car was fun and adventurous to move around the park, going with the safari tour car was a richer experience. Our tour guide Kabiru was very familiar with the routes it felt like he was home. He was also very knowledgeable about the park and the wildlife giving us all the information we needed to know. You can contact Kabiru on +254728928569 for a wonderful safari experience anywhere in East Africa.

The tour agency is called Safiri Warriors and below are their contact details

Park Fees & Charges

The charges are actually quite reasonable but it is unfortunate that non residents have to pay extra. But it’s definitely worth it.

  • Adult Citizen – Ksh. 430/-
  • Child Citizen – Ksh. 215/-
  • Adult Resident- Ksh. 1,030/-
  • Child Resident – Ksh. 515/-
  • Adult Non-Resident – $43/-
  • Child Non-Resident – $22/-

Other charges include vehicle charges

  • Less than 6 seats – Ksh. 300/-
  • 6 – 12 seats – Ksh. 1,030/-
  • 13 – 24 seats – Ksh. 2,585/-
  • 25 – 44 seats – Ksh. 4,050/-
  • 45 seats and above 5,000/-

Residing just beside Nairobi city is this unique game reserve that shelters wildlife and serves as a perfect spot to get lost in nature and appreciate the beauty of the wildlife on the ultimate urban safari. Home for a rich ecosystem with open grass plains and shrubs on the savanna canopy with wildlife beauty in a natural setting of a real life animal kingdom, I must say Nairobi National Park is a gem. The only game park with a backdrop of the city skyline, a game drive on this park is definitely a unique experience.

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