Picnic Plan in Nairobi

Hello there Gs. Hope you are holding up well. 2019 started off so hot and sunny you would think the sun is trying to invade our space but on a serious note: Guys, global warming is real!

Anyways hooray! the rain is finally here and I guess you can tell I’m excited. Generally, I am just happy at the way things are slowly unfolding in my life and I am grateful for everything God has blessed me with. Be kind to another and blessings will come your way. Okay before I get carried away on inspirational emotions we are here to discuss everything picnic. So pick up your baskets and blankets because I am letting you in on having the best picnic you will live to remember.

Growing up I would always go for picnics with my family. Most of the times my cousins and I would go to the beach and we created beautiful memories and I guess that’s why I grew up to love spending time in serene outdoors. And now living in the city has not stopped me from enjoying a day or afternoon in the outdoors with some friends and family. Who doesn’t love spending a day out in the nature as you munch on sandwiches and enjoy beautiful views?

Nairobi has amazing places that I keep discovering and I appreciate how some of these hidden treasures are not very far from the city. In this blog I would share my experiences in Paradise Lost and Evergreen Park which are both along Kiambu Road. They are both great outdoors that serve as great picnic spots.

Evergreen Park

This park has a calm feel to it with its green grass fields and beautiful trees hanging around. There is a small man made lake in the middle of the fields that is used for boat riding and also offers a great view as you picnic.

The park has some charges with the picnic charge being Ksh.300 and if you have a car they charge a small fee according to the size of your car.

I really loved spending an afternoon at Evergreen Park enjoying a chill mood and having some barbecue. Unfortunately it rained so we couldn’t do the boat ride but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our afternoon in the outdoors.

Paradise Lost

Just as the name suggests, you are bound to get lost in the nature beauty that lies here. It has a serene environment full of trees and a river like water body that complements the whole scene.

This park is quite spacious and filled with benches and shade making it perfect for a picnic with family or friends. The park is also very kids friendly and it has a playing ground for the kids to play. They also have various activities like boating, horse riding etc.

Paradise Lost has a touch of history since it was used as a hiding spot by the MauMau rebellion during the colonial times hence the caves hidden behind the forest.

To top it off there is a waterfall making the whole nature mood a complete package. I’m sure the instagrammers are now thinking that’s also a good backdrop for them gram photos. You got that right buddies!

We also managed to catch the sunset as we were heading out and it was so beautiful I wanted it to pause for a while.

Picnics are such a fun way to spend some time bonding and creating beautiful memories. Spending some time outdoors also gives you a moment to reflect and clear your mind not forgetting appreciating nature and the environment. With that said, let me share a few tips to making sure you have an awesome picnic.

Picnic Hacks

1. Plan

When you want a nice stress free picnic then you should always plan ahead. Pick a day and time and you should consider the timings and availability of the people you’re planning to go with.

2. Pick your spot

There are so many different places you could go and picnic. Make sure you pic a place according to your preferences and one that you could easily access.

3. Have a Budget

Make sure you make a budget so that you do not need overspend when it comes to shopping and making payments.

4. Make a List

Make a list of all the things you need for the picnic. I like separating my list in to two categories: the things I need to buy and the things I need to carry. That way you are less likely to forget something.

5. Pack in Advance

You might want to put your things together prior to the picnic time in order to avoid getting overwhelmed at the last hour.

6. Check the Weather

Checking the weather the day before the picnic can be quite helpful. That way you are able to prepare for the kind of weather to expect.

7. Be ready for some FUN!

Lastly, you better psych yourself up to have a good time and forget all about your worries for a minute. Spread some good vibes and you are likely to have a great time.