Eid Festivities

Marhaban ladies and gentlemen. Before anything let me wish you all Eid Mubarak. كل عام و انتم بخير (may every year find you well). I can’t believe how Ramadan flew away so fast it’s going to be so awkward eating during the day LOL! Who am I kidding? I can’t wait for that biriyani at lunchtime! Alhamdulillah for completing the Holy Month and I must say Ramadan 2019 has been such a blessing and a time full of love and food haha.

After a month of fasting, I think it’s fair to say that we are all looking forward to feast. Eid is all about celebration and as we get into the festive mood let’s talk a little about Eid-ul-Fitr which is the day after Ramadan.

Eid-ul-Fitr means the festival of breaking fast and this should tell you that it’s all about feasting: one of the many exciting things about Eid. The mood and ambience is about to get lit as Muslims all over the world celebrate this day. People would come together to observe an Eid prayer and thereafter continue with the festivities.

Festive season is all about family and I can’t wait to catch up with my cousins and relatives. The best memories are created during these times. We all come together to have meals as a family and this is just the best time to connect with them after a while since everyone tends to be busy these days. I wonder what people are up to? *scratches my head* Let me stop thinking before I zone out haha. One of the main eid traditions is visiting family and friends just to check up on each other.

Another eid tradition includes visiting the cemetery and praying for the dead.

Eid Breakfast

Anyways if we are talking eid, we have to talk about the breakfast. Before going for the prayer we are advised to have something to eat then come back and have a full breakfast. The eid breakfast is usually a spread of food galore I’m thinking it should be called brunch. No, but then there will be no lunch so let’s just stick with breakfast. The menu includes everything from desserts, snacks, appetizers and just lots of food. The tables look so colorful and instagrammable you’d be damned if you don’t snap those mithais and samosas. Before we go on let me whisper a tip to you “Don’t over eat at breakfast, you might end up getting too stuffed before lunch even arrives.”


Let me mention that Eid is also a significant time for charity. This is the time everyone is so generous. I remember as a kid I would be looking forward for eid just to fill my pockets. We would get so rich from all the money uncles and aunties would give us and that was the moment to get all those things you were saving up for.

Apart from kids going around picking sweets and some money, each and every muslim is instructed to give charity (zakatul-fitr) to the less fortunate and this charity is advised to be in form of food (2.5 kg of the staple food). The head of the family pays the zakat for everyone including kids and one thing that Islam always tries to do is to bring the poor and the rich together so that everyone lives in harmony.

The Glam

Festive and fashion go hand in hand and if you are to mingle with family and friends then you bet you gotta dress to impress. It’s time to get your abayas and qamis/kanzus ready because you wouldn’t want to be left out.

Boys get fresh hair cuts and girls being girls they would go all out to go to the salon and apply some heena because looking on fleek is the only option. Kids are also part of grooming and glamming and I remember one thing I would look forward to was getting into that new Eid clad. Ah! Writing this blog is making me all nostalgic I need to wind up.

Let me finish this blog by wishing you all lots of blessings on this Eid. Spread love and kindness and lets hope Allah accepts our ibadah (worship). Minal aideen guys!

PS: all hijabs worn by the girls are from Veiled Fragments check out her instagram https://instagram.com/veiledfragments?igshid=uolrdwq23tly