Champagne Ridge Charades: Olohoro Onyore House

Hello there Gs! Hope you’ve been having an amazing week. Mine has been so crazy I said let me sit back and recap on all my Champagne Ridge moments and voila a blog for you guys. It’s always a win win!

I often adore serene places I could escape to which are not far from the city and thanks to my friends for introducing me to this ridge of serenity known as Champagne Ridge.

Champagne Ridge is a village like place located past Rongai going into Kajiado County. It’s just an hour and a few minutes drive from the city yet the vibe that surrounds this peaceful haven is so serene and nothing compared to the city life. People out here are living the simple farm life surrounded by cattle and overlooking killer views of The Rift Valley.

This ridge is located strategically to give you views of The Rift Valley, Lake Magadi and you could also catch the Tanzanian border from afar. On this end, it’s all about catching impeccable sunrises and sunsets if you’re into that kind of thing though: chasing the sun and stuff, you know?

Olohoro Onyore House

We kmanaged to stay at one of the unique holiday homes located in the area which served as the perfect getaway habitat. The house is located at the edge of a cliff and do I even need to mention how stunning the views are. It overlooks a perfect landscape and forest hills full of birds flying around it’s like looking at a live painting.

The house has 3 en suite bedrooms all overlooking the stunning view and what I liked about the house is how modern and chic it is with a touch of rustic making me appreciate architecture as a form of art.

The amazing outdoor spaces serve as great chilling spots to share a laugh or even sit and unwind as you appreciate nature in style. A cool patio, a great outdoor dining and a lavish bonfire area. If you appreciate outdoors then you know exactly what I’m talking about. You should definitely click the link and check out the video down to get a clear view of everything that went down.

The service at the house is remarkable with a housekeeper ready to cater for all your needs and a chef making delicious meals.

What more do you need on a getaway.. Wi-Fi? The house has no Wi-Fi and the mobile network is not so good on this side.

It’s like it was perfectly set as an escape from everything and for you to take some time and relax. It was good to be away from our phones for once. My friends and I shared a great bond during these 2 days we even discovered new talents we never knew we had. Watch out for a band coming soon. Haha I’m just kidding obviously.u

Breakfast like a King

When you’re on a getaway, you might want to make breakfast your BFF because it sets everything right. Apart from giving you that energy boost you need, it opens up your digestive system and you will find yourself enjoying the rest of your meals. Balance it up with some fruits, proteins and a few carbs for a perfect combo. I went a bit overboard with the menu but hey let a skinny guy eat a little.

This getaway was a perfect retreat I’m here like “take me back!” Lol. Champagne Ridge is one place that will make you appreciate nature’s beauty and cool hidden gems Kenya is hosting. Our country is so beautiful ah! Anyways, we’ll catch up later guys.

Have a good one Gs!

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