Fun Things to do in Watamu

As you scramble around your box looking for the long list of excitements around Kenya, the majesty of Watamu has to enlighten its superiority in a second or two. Did you know Watamu means ‘sweet people’ and oh my its definition did some pure justice. From the blue lagoon beach drizzling the bondage of skies reflections and artistic oceanic views all the way to Mida creek; a notion where rumor has it that it is the sunset’s first lover. Gs let us sail on all the fun things you can do in this peaceful island escape.

1. Stay in a Beautiful Villa

The first thing to do on a getaway is find yourself a place to stay. We can all agree there’s something special in finding a unique space when on vacation and Watamu will not let you down because it is a home to a number of beautiful homes that you could rent out. This time I was in Watamu, Discover Watamu was a good sport in finding me a place to stay. We stayed at Al Hamra House which turned out to be super stunning and I loved every minute staying in this unique home. Check them out on the link below

2. Take a Walk to the Beach

If you love the beach then Watamu would be a perfect destination for you. Palm trees, clear skies, sandy beaches and an ocean as clear as crystal is how I would perfectly describe the beautiful beaches lying across the wonderful Watamu. Taking a walk on the beautiful beaches of Watamu is nothing but pure tranquility.

You could also grab a meal on the beach restaurants. I really enjoyed having lunch in the beach restaurants in Watamu click the link to see more of my experience

3. Explore the Ocean

You wouldn’t want to visit Watamu and not make a trip to the ocean. The marine life on this side is ecstatic and beyond explanation. The Watamu Marine National Park hosts amazing marine species and coral life. It’s a whole different world down there. Schedule a snorkeling trip or go for scuba diving and you will thank me later.

4. Embrace the Beach Lifestyle and Culture

Watamu village is very traditional and the people live a simple interesting lifestyle which I would describe as the ultimate beach culture. Life is so chilled on this side and the people are very welcoming and down to earth. Tourism is their main source of income it’s crazy how the town feels abnormal when it’s low season. I really appreciate how the village has maintained and protected its traditions making it one of the few undeveloped areas in Kenya. You should definitely mingle with the locals to experience this unique lifestyle and you will appreciate the beach culture.

5. Indulge in some Local Cuisines

-Traditional Swahili Cuisine

A place in rich in culture is bound to have some rich cuisines. With the Swahili Culture being dominant on this side, the unique Swahili cuisine takes over in the village: spices, coconut infused delicacies and everything tropical. The kind of meals that make you want to go savage and lick the plate.

-Street Food

As you explore the streets, you could also indulge in some local street food and snack on some delicious local treats.

-Italian Cuisine

With so many Italians calling this place home comes a number of Italian restaurants offering you the authentic Italian cuisine. You could enjoy some pizza or pasta and even have authentic home made Italian gelato.

6. Fall in Love with Mida

There’s a tidal creek in Watamu that you are bound to fall in love with. It’s a series of adventure including a bird watching experience on a board walk in between the mangroves. You could enjoy a canoe ride in the creek at sunset and this is one wonderful experience. Check out my blog on Mida Creek adventures to see more about the creek.

7. Shop for some Souvenir

As you leave Watamu, you might want to pick something to remember it by. The local markets have a variety of souvenirs to pick from. You could pick a painting, some bead work or a nice artistic sculpture to go add a piece of Watamu back home.

A tropical village styling itself with pure bliss and an incredible beach life. Ladies and Gentlemen, Watamu is wonderful and if you’ve never visited this place tell me how you haven’t blessed yourself with this small town’s ability to woo your dreams? Check out my previous blog about Watamu on the link