Let’s Kick Off the Decade in Style!

Hello G! Happy New Year I guess. What was 2019 though? Let’s not even go there! Anyway, I have really missed blogging like for real guys. It’s been a crazy few weeks and all I can say is adulting is a rip off. Such a millennial thing to say huh? So we’ve started a new decade and saying it’s 2020 out loud just sounds surreal. But we are here and I am grateful for all the blessings and love I have. So let’s do this because I can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store for me.

Well the 2010s was an interesting decade full of surprises. And when I say surprises I mean fascinating and shocking. From the royal wedding of the decade and before you assume anything, in all good faith, I mean Prince William and Kate Middleton’s. Well Meghan Markle made history by becoming the first coloured woman to join the royal family but before we divert let’s not forget Americans elected Donald Trump as their president… Hmmm let’s hope that’s the last thing the Simpsons predicted. On the other side of our world, and I mean the internet, social media has just become one crazy scene I can’t even begin to describe it. Pop Culture has also grown and we need to appreciate the new generation of talent including the Afro Pop Culture. Oh! And Marvel fascinated us by gifting us the Avenger movies. Yes, it’s going to be a decade to remember.

Personally, this has been one eye opening decade. I have grown personally and most importantly I have learnt life long lessons. Transitioning from a teenager to an adult was the major milestone and here we are.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Speaking of memories, my blog turned a year old Gs and I can’t even believe Island Guru has already taken a trip around the sun. I started this journey not knowing where it would take me and all I can say is I’m grateful I found a passion in something. I love doing this and I really appreciate everyone supporting me. I sincerely want to thank everyone who takes their time to read my blogs. You guys are the best and the real Gs and I am sending you all lots of love. I really can’t wait to share more of my adventures with you guys so buckle up cause it’s going to be one amazing ride God willing.

Before I start getting all emo, let’s talk about how we are doing the 2020s in style. For me, I have decided to live in the present and appreciate the amazing people around me. Life itself is a blessings and we need to be aware and not take anything for granted. Yeah, I can be wise sometimes so don’t get all shocked. I am also concentrating on shaping my future and going for my dreams one goal at a time. It may sound cliche but that’s just about it G.

The other day I read a quote and it really grabbed me.

I replaced the fear of failure with the fear of living in regret for not trying, and everything changed.

Megan Roxanne

So I don’t think there’s other options apart from trying your best. With that said, I just want wish you well. The sky could be the limit but who wouldn’t want to reach for the stars? I know I do. Stay Safe G… till next time.

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