Zipline Gone Wrong: I End Up at The ER

I should’ve embraced it as the Universe’s warning- when the skies presumably appeared slanting. But my sixth sense always boosts in its authority way too late working together with my defense mechanism that constantly reminds me to always put a shining show. And if I have a box to blame then its my appealing hunger for that adrenaline rush.. A thrill that has proved to be in between fire and ice and sometimes the bill I pay is a broad benjamin.

Hey Gs? Oh my it’s been a minute.. 2020 has been a roller coaster I don’t even need to go down that road. Anyways here we are.. let’s be grateful for all the blessings around us. Actually, I have been planning a comeback for the blog.. First of all sorry for being MIA Gs but who thought I’d be coming back with a crazy story? Not me! So yeah.. I ziplined into a disaster and it’s about time I tell you the full story.

It’s a Sunday evening and one of my friends decides to drive us around Ngong Hills. So we are cruising around appreciating the views and an idea randomly comes up that we could go ziplining at Kompass Ngong Hills. One of my friends even said how we will zipline through the sunset and it all seemed so cool not knowing I was walking into one hell of a nightmare.

So anyways we get there at around 6:00 pm and I manage to pose for a few photos before we head out to the zipline. The whole system is so disoriented in terms of like instructions, payments etc. We get rushed to pay and queue to zipline and we wait for quite sometime. Two of my friends zipline before me and I am made to wait for a couple of minutes before I could go for the ride. I’m already getting agitated at this point because now the sun is setting and it’s getting dark.

The zipline process is that you zipline from point A to point B and back to point A. When I reach point B an instructor picks me up and remember my 2 friends who went before me? They were left at point B alone for all this time. At this point we’re at point B waiting to zipline back to point A and it’s already dark. This should have been the signal to know we’re not at the right place at the right time.

Anyways, my friends zipline safely back to point A. I’m next and there is a couple that is going after me. You know how I said I enjoy adventure once in a while? It’s not this kind! This specific moment was getting scary so I’m holding on to the rope attached to me as I zipline. I reach point A and somebody throws a rope at me suddenly telling me to grab it. Mind you, we were all not informed about this by the instructors so it caught me by surprise. I miss the rope and start going backwards and I suddenly realize trouble has knocked in.

I get stuck somewhere in the middle. It’s dark and at this point my brain tells me 3 things…

  1. OMG! The city light look awesome from here.
  2. Look down.. Look down once only.. Oh! Crap I’m so up high.. I’m in deep shit!
  3. Let me pray! Say nothing and just pray to your God.

So as I’m reciting all the prayers I know, my friend starts getting worried. You can even hear her from the video (scroll down). She’s calling me, asking the instructor what’s going on and all of a sudden I hear the line vibrating and something just hits me from the back BOOM!

I’m so confused I don’t know what’s going on and then I hear someone gasping for breathe behind me. Yes! It’s exactly what you’re thinking. The instructor at point B lets a girl zipline while I am still ‘stuck’ on the line. This girl realizes she’s bleeding from her mouth and nose. Oh my and did she scream? As we’re being pulled she starts ranting, crying and shouting at everyone all at the same time. Then there was me… in shock and dead silent. My friend starts asking questions and it’s like she’s talking to a tree cause I didn’t respond to anything and that’s when she sees me bleeding from the back of my head.

Full video on howit went all wrong

Imagine this happens, no instructor comes to check on me, I receive no first aid and I’m just glad my friend is beside me holding my hand straight to the car and we realize we need to head to the ER.

We meet my cousin at the hospital and the doctors realize I have two cuts at the back of my head. I get 8 stitches on one and 5 on the other so 13 in total.

As I’m writing this, I’m coming from the hospital to get my stitches removed. I’m grateful and glad I’m okay now but mahn.. these people need to be more careful with the zipline process. We nearly escaped death and I hope the girl is also doing alright now.

To conclue that 2020 is a boss baby with a translucent agent will not be an understatement. Like a physical lockdown was not enough, my head is now breeding pixels in blur visuals and I’m stuck with a stamp in form of a scar. But we are Millenials, if we survived the wrath of technology without a manual then everything else is a test to conquer.

Just know I’m glad to be back to blog for you guys. Stay tuned for more content and surprises… oh! And stay safe guys. Protect yourself and the people around you!

Lots of Love,

The Island Guru (G)

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